Taxbot is an expense tracking system designed to save THOUSANDS every year. Sandy Botkin, a CPA, Tax Attorney, and former trainer for the IRS developed Taxbot with Realtors® in mind!

Did you know there are HUGE tax advantages for your business? Regardless of how much money you make, Taxbot teaches you how to keep more of what you earn!  VR’s relationship with Taxbot gives members access to money-saving strategies and tax information.

Here are just a few features of Taxbot!

  1. Track your mileage with the Taxbot integrated GPS system on your smartphone! (No more mileage logs or clipboards!)
  2. Take pictures of receipts (on your smart phone) and answer simple questions to bulletproof your expenses against an IRS audit
  3. All your records, including receipts are stored in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about shoeboxes of receipts anymore!
  4. Integrates with your bank or credit card. Taxbot will search for deductions you might be missing!
  5. A full training library of short 5 minute videos will teach you strategies for lowering your taxes by thousands of dollars a year!

Vermont Realtors® has partnered with Taxbot to offer a significant discount on Taxbot services! Try it now.