As a REALTOR®, it is essential to check your client’s credit information to evaluate their full financial picture. It helps when:

  1. Working with a new client. You can understand what the client can afford
  2. Managing a client’s property
  3. Determining the best buyer or tenant on behalf of your client

Experian Connect allows you to review the personal credit score, report and history of your potential clients, who have granted you access. When you view your client’s credit information through Experian Connect you can be sure you are seeing their information through the credit bureau and not from a fax, scanned copy of printout.

For your Clients

Your clients can purchase their credit report and score for $14.95 and then grant you access to view it for 30 days from purchase, for no additional fee.

Experian Connect Lets You:

  1. Access client’s credit report and score
  2. View client’s public record information, credit inquiries and payment history
  3. View one or more reports – no minimums
  4. Compare client’s credit score to others in the same location and generation