One of the greatest strengths of your REALTOR® association is its ability to influence legislation on a local, state and national level. LABOR members are actively involved locally on land-use and other important issues. On a state and national level, REALTORS® are engaged with legislators and congressional leaders in an effort to protect the dream of home ownership and to strengthen the REALTOR® profession.


REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

If real estate is your profession, politics is your business! Your association works diligently to monitor, shape and develop policies and laws that protect your business and that make home ownership possible. Donations to RPAC help support your association’s efforts to monitor, shape and develop policies and laws

Our Core Values

Economic Development

We believe that a strong and vibrant economy is essential for Vermonters to pursue their dream of home ownership. Increasing Vermont’s competitiveness in the national and international marketplace will result in more and better jobs for Vermonters and increased revenue for state and local government.

Tax and Fiscal Policy

We believe that sound fiscal policy is necessary to maintain a strong business climate and enhance future economic growth in Vermont. A consistent and predictable fiscal policy should be part of the overall plan and vision when budget decisions are made. State budgets should reflect the need for investment in areas that will create jobs and increase the tax base. High tax rates discourage business investment in Vermont and make homeownership more difficult.

Property Taxes

We support efforts to reduce and control property tax rates.  High property taxes are a significant barrier to homeownership and reduce economic growth and activity.

Electronic Commerce

We support the continued growth of electronic commerce. The Vermont economy at the local, regional and state levels is a major benefactor of the vast and varied opportunities provided by e-commerce. However, Internet business opportunities face challenges like transaction taxation, protection of intellectual property, privacy and security that must be resolved as a matter of public policy.


We recognize the need to protect and conserve natural resources to maintain Vermont’s unique environment through a fair, timely and predictable environmental permitting process that recognizes personal property rights and the necessity for economic growth and development.

Affordable Housing

We believe that the cost of housing development in terms of both time and money is growing. There are many contributing factors such as increases in mandated closing responsibilities, increases in property tax rates, increases to landlord oversight and regulation, impact fees and by the state’s lengthy environmental permitting process. We believe that housing in Vermont can be more affordable for all Vermonters by providing strong incentives for municipalities and private contractors to develop new residential housing in all price ranges.

Permit Process

We support a balanced environmental permitting policy.


We recognize the essential role of safe, dependable transportation systems for a sound economy. Highway and bridge construction and maintenance delays result in significantly higher costs, decreased safety, and less reliability, affecting all highway users including tourists, suppliers and employees. The use of transportation funds for purposes other than the construction, maintenance and repair of Vermont’s transportation infrastructure jeopardizes economic growth in the state.

Government Regulations and Operation

We support the traditional concept of allowing private sector businesses to operate free of unreasonable government regulations and workplace mandates.